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The most common cause where businesses end up in litigation at the state level usually involves small closely held businesses with one or two partners, or members, that have a falling out or dispute. Cases with small businesses usually turn into a deadlock as far as moving on to the next action because the people involved don’t have the same idea of how to proceed. They end up in an adversarial position. Our firms see a lot of chancery cases where one partner is asking the other to proceed in a certain way and asking the court to intervene because the parties are deadlocked.

Who Do You Represent In Business Litigation Matters?

I’ve represented all types of people from business owners to those who have been injured by business situations and business dealings. I have also represented people looking to set up businesses as well as those looking to wind down their business affairs. I have been involved in all types of transactions. It’s complex, and it’s something that you want somebody with experience to handle.

What Are Some Possible Resolutions To Business Related Issues Other Than Litigation?

A possible resolution to business-related issues other than litigation includes settlement between parties through the assistance of counsel, attorneys, and mediation. Mediation is an informal sit-down option with a neutral third-party arbitrator or mediator to assist the parties involved resolve the underlying problem. There are different forms of arbitration that may result in a similar manner compared to going to court. But, arbitration is attempted as a more streamlined and less expensive option if the parties agree to resolve the dispute in that way.

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