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What Types Of Traffic Offenses Do You Represent People For?

New Jersey driver violations are dealt with in municipal court, along with disorderly persons offenses. You will always need an attorney to handle these cases. It’s really not that expensive and it could save you a lot of money in relation to your fines and the consequences that aren’t assessed by the court.

What Are Driver’s License Implications For A Serious Traffic Offense In New Jersey?

New Jersey has a points system. Each infraction carries a certain amount of points. Those points go onto your driver’s license and if you accumulate enough points, you will get your license suspended by the DMV. There is also a points system for insurance, which is separate and distinct from the points system related to New Jersey. That points system is internal to each insurance company. Depending what your violation is, they assign points. Any kind of incident that doesn’t reflect on you as a good driver will raise your rates. The insurance company may even drop you.

Does Everyone Charged With A Traffic Offense Need An Attorney?

The results of a traffic offense can be more expensive and burdensome on you, if you don’t have an attorney. If you go to court without an attorney, you’re not going to get the same results that you would have if you had an attorney. More surcharges from the insurance company and the DMV will cost you more money than the attorney would.

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