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What Is The General Process For A Divorce In New Jersey?

Many years ago, divorce in New Jersey ago was changed to something called no-fault divorce. You don’t need fault grounds anymore. There are still grounds but they are no-fault grounds. You don’t have to prove any kind of fault. There are now easier paths to divorce in New Jersey.

How Is Custody Or Parenting Time Determined In New Jersey?

If there is some level of agreement between husband and wife, upon divorce, they may create their own parenting schedule. If that breaks down, the court will have to settle the issue, using experts, if necessary. Analysis without an agreement of the parties can be tedious, time consuming, and expensive. You should look for an attorney who has your best interests in mind and can be realistic about the reality that you have a child with another person.

How Is It Determined Who Pays Child Support? How Is That Amount Determined?

Most of the time, the child has a primary residence. That and the incomes of the two parents will determine who pays child support. That information will go into a calculation that was set up by New Jersey and a number will come out based on that. That is something that the courts follow unless there’s some compelling reason to deviate from it.

When Can I Modify A Final Family Order As It Relates To Child Custody And Support?

You can modify a family court order any time you want to, as long as there are some changed circumstances that you can show the court. Perhaps something is not going right with the child’s education, the other party is making more money, or the child needs more services. People need to be advocates for those changes for the needs of the child.

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